Teaching Program

  • Lecture series: 6 days in a week
  • Everyday 2 lectures each of 1.5 hr
  • Three hours test followed by the test discussion
  • Doubt clearing sessions after complete lecture & test
  • Weekly MCQ practice test(NEET)
  • Theory & Numerical problem practice (HSC board exam)
  • Revision classes after completion of syllabus
  • Test series:
    Round 1: Unit wise
    Round 2: Section wise
    Round 3: Full Syllabus

LFU’s Unique Mentorship Program

3 different mentors per student

Each volunteer has only 3 students to guide so that he can give maximmum attention towards them.

3 different students per mentor

Each student has a personal guide for each subject to solve their doubts during final phase of preparation.

Creating Better Humans

Besides ensuring that our students excel in academics we also ensure that we mould them into better human beings by following measures

Tree Plantation -“Trees As Fees”

At LFU we believe that conserving our environment is more important than monetary gains. So we ask every student to plant four trees in the urban area or six trees in the rural area as our coaching fees. We also tell them to send the photos of the plant after every three months to ensure that they nurture their plant well. Till date, our students have planted and nurtured ‘350+’ plants/trees. This idea was given by Shri Nimesh Sumati of ‘Caring Friends’.

Social Awareness Camp

The very motive of our organization is to create responsible citizens for our society. We take our students to various NGOs which inspire them to do something for the society. We also take their feedback after every visit.

Social Activities

Our students have always taken an initiative to contribute to our society. They had organized a ‘Cleanliness Drive’ on the very next day of appearing for their NEET examination in the year 2019.
During recent floods, they collected 1 kg rice per person to give to the people in the affected areas.

While teaching Phy, chem and bio, we tru to impart ethics lessons. For example, while teaching Newton’s Third of Motion, we give example of ‘if u do good to others, good will come back to you’!